One World Week Fashion Show

Happy weekend! Last night I went to a fashion show the Warwick Arts Centre which was called 'Imaginarium', based around the multicultural Warwick One World Week. It was an amazing collection of fashion from all over the world and some entertaining dance routines to keep the show moving. I thought I'd share a few photos from the event - apologies in advance for the quality - and a few thoughts about the night. 

The University of Warwick hosts societies of all cultures - from African and Caribbean to Bulgarian. I particularly loved the dance element of the show as it added a little extra wow factor, not that the outfits weren't equally impressive! The fashion show vibe was all about letting out your wild side, and some societies even wore animal face paint to really commit to the theme. One World Week is all about bringing every international society in Warwick together and the show really put that notion of unity across to the audience. The clothes were mostly vibrant colours and the costumes represented each culture. As you can see below, we had a mini cocktail party in the interval. 

Overall I absolutely loved the show and it was great for the University to show off its cultural diversity and talents in all types of dance - salsa, pole, bollywood, hip hop, the lot. For a university organized fashion show, I was really impressed with the event and gutted I'll be on my year abroad for the next one in 2016! 

Have you ever been to a fashion show? What do you think of Imaginarium?


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