Easy Halloween Costume: Dead Barbie

It's Halloween season and yet again I'm the laziest person ever when it comes to costume preparation! Whilst some people spend weeks browsing Amazon and their local fancy dress shops, I always struggle to find costumes that really suit me. This year I came up with my own idea and after 'Zombie Daphne' last year, I present to you 'Dead Barbie'. My Halloween celebrations won't be until tomorrow night but I decided to play around with my makeup to practice and experiment before the real thing. I found a few tutorials on Youtube to create this look and it turns out it's the easiest creation ever; you'll be looking plastic in no time. All you need is a candy-pink lipstick for the lips and the neck wound, a black eyeliner to create a 'head stitched back on' effect, and a 90s-looking T-Shirt. I was lucky enough to find a Barbie-logo top in H&M but I don't think it's essential. To up the Barbie-ness you need to inject pink into your look wherever possible, which is why I shall be painting my nails pink tonight.

I hope this was helpful if you're stuck for costume ideas, it makes a change from a witch or a zombie. Have a spooky Halloween whatever your plans are!


Autumn Wardrobe Update & Style Staples

As much as I love the summer, there's just something comforting about wrapping up in cosy jumpers and finally being allowed to browse the chunky scarves and long boots. I'm a big fan of 'fall fashion' and I thought I'd share a few clothing pieces that have been a pleasure to wear during the shorter days and chilly weather. My 'style staples' if I may. The jumpers were bought in the UK but the tops are from my new favourite European fashion brand (other than Zara), Pimkie. 

Starting with the 'Pimkie purchases', I seem to be drawn to bold prints at the moment and fortunately, their tops are a perfect fit for me. The winter florals top was in the sale and is a beautiful tactile silk-like material. I've worn it a few times and paired it with simple black jeans and black boots - the florals speak for themselves. The black and white striped top is great for dressing up or down, it would fit in for a lecture, dinner date or even a night out. Plus, the jewelled detailing means you don't even have to think about accessories. Finally, the grid print top epitomises geek chic and lets you express your inner maths nerd with a passion for graph paper.  

Jumpers-wise, this Zara boatneck beauty is a dream to wear and was a bargain at £20 from the Leeds store. I definitely feel quite nautical when I wear this and next time I'll probably whip out a red lipstick to make the look complete. When I'm feeling less nautical, I love wearing this berry jumper from Oasis which is the warmest, cosiest, fluffiest thing ever. True story. The black and gold necklace shown is from H&M and I've been very impressed with their jewellery collection.  

What are your Autumn style staples?


German Drugstore Beauty Haul

If you read my last post, you'll know I've now been living in Germany for two weeks on my year abroad and during this time I have been slowly accumulating beauty products from my new favourite shop, DM (basically the equivalent of Boots). Some of these things are unfortunately only available in Germany but since they're still international brands, I thought they were still worth including!

First of all, I picked up the Catrice Glam and Doll Volume Mascara after Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup raved on about it as a dupe for the Loreal Telescopic Mascara. After trying it out a few times, I can confirm it is extremely similar and a fraction of the price. It's amazing at lengthening and defining the lashes and in some ways I prefer it to my Benefit Roller Lash mascara as the lengthening power is insane. 

When it comes to brows, I think Maybelline products really do pack a punch. I wear the Brow Drama Gel on a daily basis and am now using it in conjunction with the Brow Satin Duo Pencil for a bold brows look. It's also been compared with the Antastasia Brow Wiz so bonus points there too for penny-saving. The product is a thin retractable pencil on one end and a brow-filling powder on the other. Personally I'm more of a fan of the pencil as it gives a defined but natural effect.

I'll admit I'd pretty much forgotten about the Maybelline Colour Tattoo's until the other day. I remember purchasing 'On and On Bronze' when the range was first released and I prayed for a more neutral shade to be added to the collection. In steps 'Creamy Beige', a matte shade that is more on the light brown side but extremely flattering and excellent on its own or as an eyeshadow base. This extended colour range may only be available in certain European countries, or maybe just not in my local Boots, but I'll definitely be back for more.

Finally, I ended up buying Essie's Bahama Mama - the ultimate Autumn Winter wine red. I don't have a snap of it on my nails but check out my Instagram as it won't be long! @modernaudreyh. 

Have you ever bought some makeup from Germany? Are there any brands I need to look up?


Year Abroad Week One - Girl in Göttingen

So last weekend I made the big move to Germany for my year abroad. It was all the things I expected: stressful, emotional and downright confusing. Moving abroad isn't easy, from praying your suitcase isn't over the weight limit, hauling it on and off trains to trying to get your bearings in a completely new foreign city. My first day was one of the worst of my life; it just so happened that I'd chosen to begin my year abroad journey on a German bank holiday. Most shops were closed and would be the following day too - a Sunday - meaning all I could think about was how I was going to cope food-wise and kitchen essentials-less. Luckily I was with my friend from England but we ended up spending hours looking for the occasional corner shop to stock up on a few things. And then the shower in my flat broke, which was fun. But despite being quite home-sick this week and thinking a lot about friends and family that are either scattered across Germany or back home, I can now say I'm starting to get used to life here. 

 For the next few months I'll be in Göttingen, a small-ish town about half an hour from Hannover. This blog will still be mainly fashion and beauty related but I'll be posting the odd travel piece from time to time just so you can get a glimpse of my new life in Germany. I've met a few other Erasmus students already so I'm sure there will be many adventures to come. My highlights so far have been...
  • Getting through a conversation at the German O2 shop, resisting the urge to go into English or whip out Google Translate 
  • Being mistaken for German.. temporarily
  • Getting the shower fixed (Happiest day ever)
  • Drinking a Radler (beer with lemonade) in a traditional German pub
  • Going to a German club and becoming obsessed with the song 'Geiles Leben' - Youtube it now!
  • Discovering that you can apparently pan fry frozen fish fingers here!? Yes I have been eating healthily Mum
  • Going into a Douglas store for the first time and not wanting to leave
  • Remembering to bring a plastic bag with me to the supermarket, that one time
  • Putting up some Audrey postcards in my new room

I hope you enjoyed this post, I may be in Germany but I'll still be writing as often as I can

Bis dann!


* OPI Starlight Collection *

As I'm writing this now, I'm currently settling into my new life as an Erasmus student in Germany - how crazy! (More on that another time!) Before I arrived here, however, I ordered the new OPI starlight collection from QVC. Only one shade came with me to Germany unfortunately but the rest will be coming over in another suitcase soon. The collection is - as you would expect - inspired by astronomy and all things sparkly. There are two versions of the set - Warm and Cool - and this particular one is in Warm. 

The set contains
  • OPI Avoplex handcream
  • Drip Dry drying drops
  • Press * for Silver
  • Ro-Man-ce on the Moon
  • Ce Less-tial is More
  • Original Nail Envy
  • Nail Envy Bubble Bath
  • I'm in the Moon for Love

As usual, the quality of the collection is exceptional and my favourite is the rose silver shade, Press * for Silver. Metallic nail varnish is a great way to add the finishing touch to an outfit and in this set you have the choice of a bold shimmery red, a pretty purple, a pink glitter and a rose silver. There's also the addition of the Original Nail Envy which is amazing for strengthening nails and as a top or base coat. The Bubble Bath Nail Envy is a new product to the OPI range as it combines the nail envy with a beautiful wearable baby pink shade. Bubble Bath is already an OPI bestseller in its own right but combining it with the nail strengthener is simply magical. Finish your salon quality manicure with the drying drops and the gorgeous Avoplex hand cream and you're good to go. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! This was not a sponsored collaboration but I'm a big fan of the brand. If you'd be interested in an OPI collection post please tweet me (@modernaudreyh) or leave a comment!

Are you an OPI fan?