How to Survive a Makeup Spending Ban

Like many beauty bloggers, I feel my makeup collection is getting slightly out of control. As a little challenge to save money - and space on my desk - I decided to put myself on a Makeup Spending Ban this month and I'm happy to report I've managed thus far. It's not been easy; there was one occasion where I found an array of NARS eyeshadow duos in TKMaxx and had to run away before I could buy them. But all in all it's been a success and I'd recommend it to anyone who's addicted to makeup and is saving up for a trip or another big purchase. To help you with this challenge, there are a few things I'd advise you do to make sure you don't cave into temptation...

1. Make sure you're stocked up beforehand. Products such as foundation, concealer and setting powder always run out more frequently and even though we all know they're 'essentials', it's better to buy them in advance than break your ban!

2. Avoid the makeup counters in drugstores and department stores. Passing by will only make you feel worse and more often than not you'll spot something in a limited collection that you feel is 'justified' to purchase!

3. Shop your stash. This one comes from the beauty bloggers and it means using up products you already own. If you have a big makeup collection, rather than buying more things why not dig through your drawers and rediscover old favourites? 

4. Get creative with your blog. If you're a beauty blogger looking for post inspiration which doesn't require buying more makeup, check out Caitlin's post 70 Blog Post ideas for Spring. I have posted a few beauty reviews this month such as A By Terry Dupe and The Blush Edit but these products were bought in advance, I promise. As a result of my challenge, however, I also wrote a few travel posts related to my Year Abroad.  

5. Write a beauty wishlist. This list can include items you've seen in the blogging world, new releases, or a few things you want to splurge on the following month. You can enjoy the research process and it's nice to have something to look forward to. If you'd like me to post my beauty wishlist, please write a comment! 

Would you consider yourself a makeup addict?


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