My Current Skincare Routine

When it comes to skincare I like to keep it simple. Over the past few years I've really started to appreciate high quality skincare and can tell the difference in my skin. Clarins is now one of my favourite brands and I've also turned my mum onto it. As a student I'll admit the price is steep at around £18-20 per product but if you buy the value sets, it works out a lot cheaper and is the perfect present to add to birthday or Christmas lists. This set for combination to oily skin is £22 and includes a cleanser, toner, wash bag and mini eye makeup remover. My combination skin has definitely improved since using these products as I was previously suffering an oily T-zone and lots of annoying spots. I love how gentle the cleanser is and the toner is great at removing any impurities. My current twice-daily skincare routine is as follows :

2. Dampen face with warm water
4. Wash off with a flannel or muslin cloth

7. Once a week, I use a scrub such as the Clarins Gentle Refiner of the Clarins One step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser with orange extract. I asked for a sample of this last time I was at a Clarins counter and I'm definitely going to buy the full size to add to my skincare collection. 

As you might notice, many of the product names include the word 'gentle' which firstly means this would be great for sensitive skin but also that the results may take a while to notice as the ingredients aren't as active in targeting spots. I personally think that in the long term gentle skincare is better but it completely depends on your skin type. If you're planning on buying anything from Clarins or any other higher end skincare brand, I'd definitely recommend asking for samples to try them out beforehand. You usually get about 4 uses out of each mini bottle and that's enough to work out whether your skin likes it or not.

I hope this review was helpful, what's your favourite skincare product? Do you think higher price means higher quality?


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