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Hi there, I'm very happy you've found my blog, The Modern Audrey! I cordially invite you to grab a cup of tea and have a look through my fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts which are lovingly written for your inspiration and entertainment. I hope you find a topic you're interested in - whether it be skincare tips, spring fashion or how to throw a party at university. I take my inspiration from Audrey Hepburn as she was the icon of elegance, grace and natural beauty. I also occasionally write about her life, as you can read here
You'll learn more about my personality the more you read my blog but my name is Melissa, I'm a twenty year old girl studying in Germany as part of a Year Abroad and I absolutely love blogging. 

As I'm a PR friendly blogger, I am happy to work in collaboration with companies and brands. If you'd like to work with me or just fancy a chat, I'm available at the following email address and social media links. 

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Email: melissa6260@gmail.com

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