June Favourites

June has been a crazy but amazing month for me. I've been counting down until I return to England whilst at the same time enjoying the rest of my time in Berlin. Now there's only a week to go and it's all a bit surreal. Beauty-wise, I didn't buy too many new products until very recently but it was very easy to pick out my beauty favourites this month because I've been reaching for the same products over and over to get that glowy, fresh, flawless makeup look.

Luxury Night Products

Vichy Aqualia Thermal | First Impressions

I don't know why, but the French seem to have some secret ingredient that makes all their skincare brands amazing and unparalleled. I'm one of the biggest Clarins fans out there but I thought it was about time I tried a few of the French pharmacy brands that are just starting to get really popular. Among others, Vichy caught my eye with a little sample size trio of products for less than 5 Euro - I couldn't resist. There were a few sets arranged by skin type and as my skin has been a little dry recently, I opted for the Aqualia Thermal set. 

My Top 3 Summer Foundations

foundation, bareminerals, loreal nude magique cushion

Apologies for the lack of content on my blog lately, life got a bit busy with my family coming to visit me in Berlin last weekend so I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things soon. Today's post is a quick overview of my favourite foundations for summer. It might not be feeling like summer in the UK right now but Berlin has been incredibly hot so I've been changing up my makeup so that my base is lighter and packed with great skincare ingredients.