Vidal Sassoon Berlin & Mini Haircare Haul

When I was looking for an English speaking hairdresser in Berlin, I didn't think I'd end up picking internationally renowned professional salon Vidal Sassoon. It's definitely the fanciest salon I've been to so far and I'm lucky that my family offered to treat me to an amazing experience with such a renowned brand. As Vidal Sassoon is an international chain with a variety of locations, I thought I'd write a little review of my experience and include a few photos of my new hair. I'll admit it's really not that different but my highlights have been refreshed and my dry ends eliminated. I'm very happy. The salon in Berlin is located on Schlüterstrasse near Kürfurstendamm and the street reminds me of Regent Street in London as it's lined with beautiful designer shops such as Michael Kors, Karen Millen and Louis Vuitton. 

The interior of the salon is stunning as you would expect and the staff are lovely. There was a miscommunication with my appointment as they had tried to reschedule my highlights earlier in the week but I hadn't picked up as I'd been at work. Fortunately though, when I got there, the staff were really understanding and we reached a compromise of having the hair cut on that day and the highlights, with a free blowdry, the following Saturday. Both stylists I had were lovely and spoke very good English. They also didn't try to oversell the products but as I'm looking to change up my haircare routine anyway, I bought the following three travel size products which are specifically suited towards coloured hair. 

Illuminating Clean Shampoo - this stuff smells amazing and makes your hair really clean. As for it's colour protecting qualities, I'll have to keep you posted but so far I love it.

Illuminating Restore Intensive Mask - this is a thick conditioner you leave on for 15 minutes to repair heat and colouring-related damage. 

Heat Shape Heat Protect Spray - heat protection is a key step in my hair routine and although the formula is probably a bit too sticky for my liking, my hair feels very soft afterwards and it makes my hair smell incredible. 

And here's the final result! I know it's not dramatically different but I love the blonde tones and as the foils are very thin, it gives a more natural look and hopefully it won't look as bad when my real hair colour starts to show through.

What's your favourite salon at the moment?


Photo cred: Flickr

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