Blair Waldorf: TV Style Icon

I recently read in this Company article the character the costume designers from US TV sensation Gossip Girl took inspiration from Audrey Hepburn when they picked outfits for the fabulous Blair Waldorf. This is hardly a surprise for long-term GG fans but I've been watching the series over summer and have enjoyed picking out certain elements of Blair's style that are typically Audrey. The blogger Eva Victoria from The Undercover Princess also recently wrote a blog post about Blair's style here, relating it to Autumn Winter which is a great read for any Blair admirer.

Read on for some of Blair Waldorf's finest fashion moments - no-one does Audrey-esque ladylike chic quite like Blair.

1. The Breakfast at Tiffany's Dream

2. The Silhouette Dress

3. The LBD

4. The Elegant Hat

5. The Siren on the Silver Screen

Are you a fan of Blair's style? Her character might not always be the most likeable but I would love to raid her wardrobe!


An Exciting New Opportunity

This week I received some really great news about a new job opportunity to work with Cosmo on Campus magazine as a Brand Ambassador at my University. My role is to help run the promotional campaign so that as many students as possible know that Cosmo are coming to Warwick on the Thursday 14th October! 

The process of getting this job was similar to any other: I had to write a killer CV, explain why I would be a suitable candidate and complete an interview. The interview, however, was a video interview which is something I'd never heard about. It was a somewhat stressful experience as you are asked questions by the computer and your answers are recorded via webcam. My tips for remaining calm in this situation are as follows: 

1. Don't learn your answers word by word as your personality won't shine through. 

2. Try and look into the webcamera as much as you can - you would never avoid eye contact with a real life interviewer. 

3. Remember that the other candidates will be just as freaked out as you are. It's ok.

A sassy selfie before the video interview!

I hope you enjoyed this post, it's more personal than my fashion and beauty related pieces but I really wanted to share my good news with the blogging community because talking about how passionate I am about my blog in the interview may have been that finishing touch to get me my dream job - even if it's only going to last a month! This job, however, means that 'The Modern Audrey' will probably have to take a backseat in terms of my priorities for now but I've already written some posts for next month and I'm going to try and post as much as I can.

Thanks for all your support and for keeping reading. Also, if anyone has had a similar job to this I'd really appreciate some advice!


OOTN - H is for Houndstooth

Last weekend I was treated to a fancy family meal as a celebration of the official end of my summer and the start of my second year at uni. It was great to dress up for an evening out and I opted for a classic monochrome outfit consisting of my white Topshop blouse and my Houndstooth skirt. I was feeling very 'Rachel Zane' sophisticated and this style of outfit would also be suitable for drinks out or a party. 

Blouse - Topshop
Skirt - New Look
Flats - Topshop
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins

Are you a fan of monochrome? Also, I'm always looking to discover new fashion blogs so feel free to leave your website in the comments section!


OOTD - Jewel Tones and Jacquard (Plus Kittens)

Last Tuesday I was invited to a sleepover at a friend's house as a little farewell gathering before we all head back to uni. I thought it would be a great opportunity to show off my new Dorothy Perkins dress which is a fantastic purple berry colour. The dress itself is Bardot style in a Jacquard print which is great for the Autumn season. I also painted my nails in a gorgeous turquoise / jade green colour from Kiko, hence the 'Jewel Tones' title.  

Additionally, this sleepover meant that I could visit my friend's new kittens who are simply adorable. Scroll on for my OOTD and multiple kitten-related 'Aww' moments...

Dress: Dorothy Perkins, currently £14.00 online
Jacket: New Look
Boots: Clarks
Bag: Next
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins, £5.00
Nail Polish: Kiko Milano, 387 Turquoise

How cute are they?? It was very difficult to leave without one of them!  Are you a fan of the Jacquard trend? Let me know in the comments, they make my day!


Co-ords: My High Street Picks

As I discover more and more amazing fashion blogs, my sense of style is slowly changing and I'm excited by trends that usually would have scared me a little bit. One example of this is the co-ord. I've never owned one before because I would have had no idea how to style the trend and I'd convinced myself it couldn't possibly suit me. Until now. Inspired by Arabella Golby's LFW post, I'm in the market for my very first co-ord and these are my favourite styles sourced from my favourite online websites.

1. The Animal Print Co-ord

Asos, jacket currently £26.00 but originally £35.00, shorts £25.00

2. The Dark Florals

New Look, £12.99, £14.99

3. The Satin Co-ord

River Island, £30.00, shorts currently £10.00, originally £30.00

4. The Grid Print Piece

Lottie Top

Oasis, £35.00 each item

5. The 60s monochrome Co-ord

Topshop, jacket and skirt total £108.00

Which co-ord is your favourite? I can't wait to buy a co-ord set for an OOTD post!


Pixie Lott: Style Icon

The gorgeous Pixie Lott released the video to her new single 'Break Up Song' today and this inspired me to write a blog post picking out some of my favourite Pixie looks from this year. I've always been a fan of her music and the fact that she's a fashion queen who is constantly reinventing her look makes me love her even more. If I had to choose two words to describe Pixie's style they would be 'elegant' and 'Audrey'.






Which Pixie look is your favourite?


OOTN - Lady in Lace

As a pre-uni Topshop splurge, I decided to treat myself to these gorgeous black lace shorts. My well loved pair from Miss Selfridge were in need of a replacement and I'd been lusting after these for a while. Even though they were a pricey £34 - not including student discount - I know they'll go with all my evening tops and can be worn all year round. I wore them on a spontaneous night out with friends last week and I can tell they are going to be a staple piece in my wardrobe.

Top - Zara
Nails - OPI Pamplona Purple

The gang!

Are you a fan of lace? I can't seem to get enough of this trend at the moment!


University Room Inspiration - All less than £15

As I have probably mentioned only a million times, I'm heading back to uni in less than two weeks and cannot wait to start the new academic year. Starting my 2nd year also means that I'll be living in a student house with my lovely eight other flatmates and all my time until then is being spent packing, shopping and thinking about shopping. The thought of decorating a new room is so exciting and even though I really don't need everything on this list, I thought it would be fun to share some of my current online finds and hopefully give any soon-to-be students some home decor inspiration...

1. The Statement Cushion

Dunelm Mill, £9.99

2. The Duvet Set
Tesco, currently £12 but orignally £20

3. The Throw

Wilko Ultra Soft Throw Teal 150X200cm

Wilko, £12.00

4. The Storage Solution

Sainsbury's, £10.00

5. The Cute Photo Frame

Dunelm Mill, £6.99

I can't wait to post a Uni Room Tour once I get back, but until then my focus for the blog is fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Are there any fellow uni students out there? How are you planning to decorate your new space?


Winter Florals: My High Street Picks

One of my favourite Autumn Winter trends is Winter Florals. To be quite honest, I'm a fan of florals all year round but as soon as it hits September, the shops start to bring out these amazing darker prints that are incredibly chic. Here are my favourites, all from the UK high street...

1. The Playsuit

New Look £27.99 (currently £20.99)

This gorgeous playsuit would look great with wedges, a black clutch and silver accessories. I especially love the lace detailing on this piece which continues on the back. 

2. The Pencil Skirt

New Look £14.99

This skirt would look very flattering on a variety of different shapes and could be dressed up or dressed down. A great piece for those who love neutrals and monochrome. 

3. The Blouse

Zara £25.99

This neutral-toned top from Zara is classically elegant and I'd pair it with minimal jewellery and high waisted Jeans. 

4. The Shift Dress

Dorothy Perkins £28.00 (currently £23.80)

After visiting my local Dorothy Perkins store, I am so impressed with their Autumn Winter collection and had to include this panelled shift dress. Currently, the brand is offering 30% off selected items and this is one of them!

5. The Midi Dress

Dorothy Perkins £28.00 (currently £23.80)

This scuba material A-line midi dress is very Arabella Golby, and I wish I had somewhere to wear this to - I can't imagine wearing this to lectures or on a night out! The Parisian style print reminds me of Ted Baker which is amazing considering the price!

6. The A-Line Skirt

Image 4 of Pull&Bear Dark Floral Skirt

Asos - £17.99

This A-line skirt is beautifully vibrant and a great length. It also draws similarity with some of the Coast skirts I've been seeing recently and the quality looks excellent.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you liked any of my High Street picks and what you think of the Winter Florals trend!


Things I'm excited for in A/W

As the summer is coming to a bitter end, I thought it might be fun to write a post about all the things I'm looking forward to the latter half of 2014.  
1. Going back to uni, of course. Long distance Skype friendships have been difficult this summer but I know it's going to make the big reunion even more special. There's less than three weeks to go now and I've already had an invite to the first society house party of the year! Cannot. Wait. 

2. Decorating my new uni room. I must have been an interior designer in a previous life because nobody goes crazy about colour schemes and poster artwork like I do.

3. Getting back into the 'Languages Mind-Set'. I haven't spoken a word of German in three months and my brain - thanks to Netflix - definitely needs re-booting.

4. Living in a town rather than a village. My uni house is a fifteen minute walk away from Topshop!

5. Wearing scarves and boots. There's nothing I love more than walking around campus in my tan long boots, clutching a fresh cup of coffee. Unfortunately in many cases this journey leads to the library *sigh*.

6. The Birm ingham German Christmas Markets! Yes I know it's waaay too soon to be getting excited about Christmas but the Germans have this holiday season covered and the Gl├╝hwein there is gorgeous! This year the market is scheduled for the 13th November to the 22nd December.

7. Autumn Winter Makeup. Dark nail colours and berry lipsticks will be my go-to everyday look and I can't wait to write blog posts about my favourite A/W beauty products!

 8. I'm really excited about the new album 
'No Sound without Silence' by the Script - I already love the single 'Superheroes' and in my eyes, Danny O'Donoghue can do no wrong *swoon*.

9. The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay. 
Peeta Mellark needs to be back in my life. It's been far too long. 

10. Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries. The season 5 finale was just too much. Any TVD fans?

What are you all looking forward to this Autumn Winter? 


NOTD - OPI Pamplona Purple

I'm one of those people that finds it very therapeutic to paint their nails. There's just something about having a great nail colour to make an outift 'complete'. There's no doubt that OPI are my favourite nail brand and although sometimes I'll go astray and try other products, I will always come back to OPI. There's no denying it's at a premium price - around £11.95 - however I'm always blown away by the premium quality. Additionally, the bottles are 15ml so they last ages! This particular colour is called Pamplona Purple. It was a birthday present last year from one of my lovely friends and it's definitely my signature 'Autumn' nail colour. For a true dark purple, it needs two coats but I promise it's worth the extra time!

Have you any OPI favourites I should try? Or potential dupes? 
Let me know