How to Pick Stylish but Comfy Outfits for the Office

If you've been reading my year abroad posts recently, you'll know I've recently started an internship and it's actually my first office job. I love the office I work at but one thing I've noticed is that my usual tight fitting jeans just aren't suitable for hours spent at a desk. As I result I'm now putting together a capsule wardrobe of comfortable - but also stylish - work clothes and here are some of the websites I've been turning to for inspiration.

1. Zara is always my first point of call for new clothes and I love a few pieces from their newest collection. Loose dresses like this blue tie waist one and white A Line design are always great to wear with leggings for ultimate comfort. The colours are also very spring appropriate!

2. Oasis clothes are always beautiful and I can't recommend their blazers enough. This set is perfect for a 'comfy but stylish' look because the trousers have a tie waist meaning you have more control how tight you want them to be. Win win. 

3. Betabrand is an American start-up clothing brand that is financed through crowdfunding. I came across the brand online a few weeks ago and I was really interested to learn more about their collections. Members of the Betabrand community can financially support prototype new fashion designs and in return they save around 30% RRP. It's a great way to get customers involved and showcase new talent. They have a few ranges dedicated to comfortable office wear and one of my favourite pieces is the Black Dress Pant Yoga Pants - who knew such a thing could exist? I'm amazed that you can make such a flattering and stylish pair of trousers from a material that's designed to cushion and provide support. Available in bootcut, straight-leg and as leggings, the possibilities are endless. They also have a few other styles of trousers if you're looking to expand your collection.

I also love the 360 Reversible Skater Dresses that can take you from day to evening in just two minutes - just don't forget a statement necklace and some embellished flats.

4. Finally I wanted to show this white split sleeve top and white chiffon top from River Island which I think are really beautiful. Shirts can often feel a bit restrictive and a plain top can look really flattering with a blazer and trousers. If only River Island were in Germany..

What's your go-to look for the office?


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