The Berlin Diaries #1

I'm happy to report that I made it through the first week of living in Berlin! I've been an intense mix of stressed, excited, happy and tired but luckily nothing has gone too wrong - and trust me there were several opportunities. Moving from a small unknown town to the capital city of Germany, there was bound to be challenges and adjustments but I'm hoping the worst is over and I can look forward to spending four months in an incredible city. So far I've absolutely loved living here and although I haven't ventured to many of the tourist attractions yet, I will be doing so when my family visits in April. I was also in Berlin for a few days last February - if you'd like to read that post click here - during which we went on a walking tour, a bar crawl and visited lots of museums. It feels weird that I'm not here for a city break like the other tourists I see every day and I think it will take a while to get used to that! Ich bin ein Berliner (well not really but just go with it).

As I've had this week off, most of that time has been spent furiously flat hunting, shopping for the heaps of things I've had to repurchase and taking a few photos here and there. Berlin is divided into lots of different areas and each one feels like it's own city so there's lots of exploring to do. On Tuesday I went into work for an office tour and managed to sort out my intern travel card; I feel kind of official now. It was really nice to meet the team and I can't wait to start on Monday - I'm really grateful to them for giving me the chance to live here. It's also meant I've let myself buy a few new clothing items so there might be a fashion post coming up soon! I can't say there's a huge fashion scene in Berlin but I'm sure that the Fashion Weeks here are amazing. 

My Week in Photos

Thank you for reading the first installment of my Berlin Diaries series, I'm hoping to write another update at the end of this month so make sure you follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Bloglovin.


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