March Favourites

It's favourites time again - happy April! Although I haven't purchased any new makeup this month due to my March Makeup Spending Ban, there are a few beauty items that I've either rediscovered or were bought in February. I did, however, allow myself to buy a few new haircare products as I had my hair cut and coloured at Vidal Sassoon a few weeks ago and I'm excited to write up a few reviews about them. 

March Beauty Wishlist

If you read my post How to Survive a Makeup Spending Ban, you'll know I've somehow managed not to buy any makeup this month. One of my tips was to write a beauty wishlist which might be makeup bits you definitely want to buy in the future or more dream-like 'if I won the lottery' scenarios. Here's my list including a few things I know I'll be rushing out to get this weekend..

How to Survive a Makeup Spending Ban

Like many beauty bloggers, I feel my makeup collection is getting slightly out of control. As a little challenge to save money - and space on my desk - I decided to put myself on a Makeup Spending Ban this month and I'm happy to report I've managed thus far. It's not been easy; there was one occasion where I found an array of NARS eyeshadow duos in TKMaxx and had to run away before I could buy them. But all in all it's been a success and I'd recommend it to anyone who's addicted to makeup and is saving up for a trip or another big purchase. To help you with this challenge, there are a few things I'd advise you do to make sure you don't cave into temptation...

Vidal Sassoon Berlin & Mini Haircare Haul

When I was looking for an English speaking hairdresser in Berlin, I didn't think I'd end up picking internationally renowned professional salon Vidal Sassoon. It's definitely the fanciest salon I've been to so far and I'm lucky that my family offered to treat me to an amazing experience with such a renowned brand. As Vidal Sassoon is an international chain with a variety of locations, I thought I'd write a little review of my experience and include a few photos of my new hair. I'll admit it's really not that different but my highlights have been refreshed and my dry ends eliminated. I'm very happy. The salon in Berlin is located on Schlüterstrasse near Kürfurstendamm and the street reminds me of Regent Street in London as it's lined with beautiful designer shops such as Michael Kors, Karen Millen and Louis Vuitton. 

Zara, Topshop and Primark Workwear Haul

If you've read my Berlin Diaries post or 10 things I wish I knew before starting a Year Abroad, you might know I've recently started an internship in Berlin and after my first week I decided it was time to treat myself to a few new clothes to wear at the office. Luckily the dress code is quite casual so I can have a bit of fun experimenting with my outfits. Usually I'll wear jeans and a nice top with either a black cardigan or a blazer. I'm trying to build a capsule wardrobe so it's important that I stick to colours that complement each other (without being boring). As you can probably tell, I'm a big fan of stripes and pastel colours and I'm so happy that these trends are starting to make their way into the highstreet shops. Spring fashion and makeup definitely suits me more and I can't wait until I can stop wearing jumpers and start wearing bright spring makeup. 

A Quick and Easy Office Makeup Look

You know the drill: It's 8am and after hitting the snooze button more than you'd like to admit, it's time to get ready for work, uni or school. Of course no-one should feel they have to wear makeup but for me it's part of my morning ritual and I really enjoy it. One thing I always lack, however, is time. For me the best products to wear to work are the ones that are quick to apply and blend (if necessary) but also the ones that are long-lasting. The last thing I want to be doing in my lunch break is doing a complete makeup overhaul.

10 things I wish I'd known before starting a Year Abroad

I'm definitely guilty of being one of those people that loves a '5 things bloggers don't tell you' or a '20 daily thoughts of a student' kind of post so I thought I'd write my own version about things I wish I'd known before starting my year abroad in Germany. This might be useful for someone preparing for their own year abroad, it might be relatable for my friends who are also on their year abroad or it might just be downright amusing. I'm not sure yet. If you're interested in my year abroad journey so far, you might like to read The Berlin Diaries #1, Goodbye Gottingen: Year Abroad Week Twenty-One or Year Abroad Week One: Girl in Gottingen

The Blush Edit

The Art of Multi-Masking with Origins

There's just something about face masks that really relaxes me. Ever since using those little sachets of fruity scented masks when I was sixteen, I've continued to find it a holy ritual. Now I'm not sixteen anymore, my skin is more demanding and I think masks are the key to keeping it all happy. Since I've tried out a few brands here and there, some loves and some hates, I thought today was the day to sit down and write a post about my new love affair with the Origins range of face masks. 

The Berlin Diaries #1

Checking Out a By Terry Dupe

We've all heard of the By Terry Ombre Blackstar cream eyeshadow sticks at some point or another. They sound beautifully blendable and perfectly encased in gorgeous gold packaging. I was sold until I saw the £29 price tag in Space NK. As much as I'd love to invest in one, I think there are other high end beauty products I'm more interested in at the moment. So when I heard Alix from I Covet Thee mention an Ombre Blackstar dupe from the UK drugstore, I had to check it out. Enter the No7 Shade and Define pencils which I bought in three shades - Glistening Ray, Pink Pearl and Cool Mink.