New Netflix Obsession: Brooklyn Nine Nine

After the success of my last Netflix-related post about The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, I thought I'd write a little mini review of my new Netflix obsession, hit US police comedy Brooklyn Nine Nine. The first season is available on Neflix and I have all fingers crossed that the second season is added soon. Here are my 5 reasons to start watching..

1. It's laugh out loud hilarious.

Although this show was not written and produced by Tina Fey, it gets some great lines. The main character Detective Jake Peralta is as goofy and immature as they come but we love him for it.

2. Gina is queen.

Gina is the office secretary who does little work but has the sassiest and quirkiest personality; you can't help but wish she was your co-worker. She's not the friendliest of gals but she speaks the truth even if it hurts.

3. The relationship between Jake and Amy is suuuper cute. With three 'u's. 

Amy and Jake are both detectives at the Brooklyn precinct and it's a classic tale of will-they-won't-they. It's clear that although Jake is the biggest child in the world and mocks Amy daily, it's only because he likes her.

4. As with The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the episodes are only around 20 minutes long and once you're hooked on the show, you'll be as desperate for season 2 as I am.

5. The crime element isn't gory at all. This show is all about office drama, crime comedy and Jake's 'major fail' attempts at creating undercover fake back-stories.

I hope you enjoy the show, please tweet me with quotes when you're addicted (@modernaudreyh). I've also linked the season 1 trailer below!


Leighton Denny 9-Piece 'Inspired by Nature' Spring Collection

It's definitely been all about the nails for me this March and I'm in love with the new Leighton Denny 9 Piece nail collection for Spring 2015. It's sold on the QVC website here for £39.50. It includes three nail varnishes, a protective base coat, a glossy top coat, quick-dry nourishing nail drops, a hand cream, a nail colour removal kit and a buffer. As an added extra there's a beautiful floral makeup bag to store it all in. Here's a few photos and I'll include mini reviews below. 

  • The Undercover Base Coat protects the nail against unnecessary damage and discolouration from strong nail colours. I'd say it's very close to the quality of OPI Nail Envy at a fraction of the price!
  • 'Morning Dew' is a gorgeous spring green to quickly liven up any outfit. The lasting power is outstanding.
  • 'I Like Lilac' is an eye-catching purple shade which is similar to the OPI 'Don't be such a Budapest' shade I mentioned in my last post. Click here to read my Spring Nail Inspiration piece. 
  • 'Rosey Posey' is a muted vintage pink that's perfect for everyday wear.
  • The Crystal Finish Top Coat adds a beautiful gloss as a final touch. I've been impressed with it's resistance to chip. Well done Leighton!
  • The Fast-drying Miracle Drops speed the process up even more and has the added benefit of nourishing properties for the nail and cuticles.
  • The Best Defence Spring Floral Hand and Nail Cream is highly moisturizing and more lightweight than L'Occitane shea butter handcreams. The smell is floral but not too overpowering. 
  • Remove and Go Polish Remover Pot - I don't know how I've managed so long without own one of these genius inventions. No longer will I have chipped nails for days on end because removing it is so laborious. Big thumbs up from me!
  • The Floral Buffer is brilliant for treating ridged nails, and who doesn't love a floral pattern?
Have you ever tried a Leighton Denny product?


Spring Nail Inspiration

As it's mid-March, I would say we're well into the spring season and one thing I love about spring is experimenting with bright nail colours and nail art. If you follow me on my new Instagram account @modernaudreyh, you'll know that one of my first posts was a cheeky nail pic. I've just ordered the Leighton Denny 9-piece spring collection and can't wait for it to arrive in the post and write a review with my thoughts. Today's post is all about some of the nail colours that really get me excited for spring - I've used some of the photos in my 'archives' but I'll be using these beauties soon enough.

1. Essie Mint Candy Apple - a cult beauty classic. Nothing screams spring pastels more than gorgeous mint nails. 

2. This was my spin on the classic French manicure using Wah London I'm Real and Leighton Denny Coconutty.

3. OPI You're Such a Budapest is from the European collection last year and is so perfect for spring summer outfits. 

4. It's no surprise to see another OPI product in this list - I'm obsessed. This one's ElePhantastic Pink and I'm so glad I purchased this in Munich last year - the colour is versatile and long-lasting. 

5. The final product I'm going to write about is one I haven't bought yet but would love to try. It's Essie Bikini So Teeny and as soon as the weather warms up a little, I'm sure I'll be treating myself to this..

bikini so teeny - blues by essie

What are your favourite spring nail shades? Have you tried any I've mentioned?


New Netflix Obsession: 'The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'

I'll admit this hasn't been the most productive weekend ever but I discovered the wonderful new Neflix show 'The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'. Refreshing, quirky and laugh-out-loud, here are 5 reasons this show deserves a place in your heart.. 

1. It was created by the one and only Tina Fey. 

This woman is comedy genius and doesn't disappoint in this new project, you'll love it. Tina even makes an cameo appearance in the last two episodes.  

2.The storyline is weird but compelling.

Here's what you need to know: Kimmy Schmidt and three other women from a small American town called 'Durnsville' were kidnapped and trapped in an underground bunker for 15 years by a cult-crazy reverend. He convinced them that the world had been destroyed by the apocalypse. Weird, right? The first episode begins with the girls being freed by the police and the show is all about Kimmy's discovery of this new modern world. She doesn't know about new American slang, customs or even what an iPhone is. Her transition into 2015 life is hilarious and adorable - she learns to navigate herself in the world of careers, love and friendship.  

3. The cast are on point.

Bridesmaids' and The Office actress Ellie Kemper delivers a stellar performance as the main character Kimmy Schmidt. We also have a recurring character played by Ki Hong Lee (star of The Maze Runner), someone I'm predicting huge success for this year - get ready to fall a little bit in love with him. 

4. Kimmy Schmidt is the cutest thing ever. 

The last time Kimmy was in the real world was 2000 and it's safe to say a lot has changed. She decides to start a new life in New York but since her intelligence level is that of a 15-year-old's, she struggles to adapt. This is where her gay-best-friend-slash-roommmate Titus comes in. He's sassy, effortlessly funny and so quotable. 

5. It's the best way to spend a rainy weekend. 

The episodes are only 20 minutes long and there are only 13 in the first season. Luckily the season has been renewed by Neflix but it's unlcear when season 2 will be available. Me being me, I'm awfully impatient but would happily watch them all again. I probably missed things whilst I was laughing..

Have you seen The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? I've attached the trailer to prove its brilliance


The Oscars Ball!

I've finally found the time to write a post about the formal 'Literature and Languages Ball' I helped organize at the end of last month! It was one of the best nights and it was so great to see all of my friends dressed all fancy. We had welcome drinks, a 3 course meal, a popcorn machine and awards for the different societies. And because it was Oscar themed and I think of my friends as celebrities, I thought it would be fun to post photos of a few of the many gorgeous dresses that were seen on the red carpet!  

Sophie: Jane Norman

Alice and Sophie both opted for long elegant gowns which suited them perfectly. I love the lace detailing on Sophie's and the gorgeous floral bronze print on Alice's. My dress was from River Island and after so many different online orders, it was a great fit and definitely an investment piece for my wardrobe. 

Kathy: Topshop

Kirsten (middle) was one of the main organizers of the event and her midnight black glitter dress was stunning. Kathy's Topshop Playsuit was a fantastic choice and the monochrome trend is a classic.

Yasmin was the belle of the ball, without a doubt. Her long ruffle dress is timeless. 

Phoebe: Karen Millen

I'm so in love with Phoebe's all black outfit; effortless, sophisticated and understated. The lace just makes it. 

Danielle: New Look
Sarah: Asos

As well as Phoebe, Danielle pulled off the lace trend beautifully and Sarah looked amazing in coral; her patent nude heels are stunning.

Caitlin: Quiz

Black was definitely a popular choice for dresses this year but the sequin embellishment on Caitlin's dress adds something really different and special. The cut of the dress is really feminine and perfect for the Oscars theme!   

Shayna: H&M

This long cobalt blue dress worn by Shayna is so on-trend for spring and I'm obsessed with her statement necklace.

We had such a fantastic evening with some great friends and if feasible, I'd definitely consider taking a little trip back to the UK for the next one during my year abroad. That ok freshers?


OOTD: Spring Florals and #ColourMeMarch

Happy March! I hope you had an amazing February, for me it was one of the best months of my life so far. I had a fantastic four days in Berlin, which you can read about here. There was also Valentines Day, a George Ezra concert and a formal ball which I will be posting about very soon! This post is an OOTD which is linked with Cheltenham Ladies Day and the #ColourMeMarch campaign. I've never been to the races before and this outfit is probably not the most glamorous entry to the competition however it definitely fits the category of being bright, spring-trend focused and comfortable. I'm not a heels girl but these gorgeous monsoon sparkly flats give a sparkly edge and the skirt combines two different prints in a beautiful way.      

You can enter the competition for tickets to the races and see the other entries at

Top - Topshop
Skirt - Topshop
Shoes - Monsoon

What do you think of #ColourMeMarch?