University Room Tour

Following on from my University Room Inspiration under £15 post, I thought it would only be polite to post a University Room Tour. I've been really looking forward to writing this post as I'm always intrigued about how people organize their bedrooms and storage systems. As you might expect, there is a definite Audrey theme going on here - my collection is forever growing and I have no intention of stopping! I can't say my room is always this impeccably tidy but I'm now making a real effort to keep it looking nice. I'm really happy with the way my room's turned out and hopefully any other students reading this might possibly gain some inspiration. I'll make a list at the end of some of the shops I bought items from but feel free to comment and ask if I haven't included something. 

Duvet Cover - House of Fraser Sale
Throw - Dunelm
Cushions - Dunelm
Calendar - House of Fraser
Audrey Postcards - Paperchase
Storage Drawers - Tesco
Mirror - No7 Boots

Hope you enjoyed this post, is this room style your cup of tea? What are your favourite stores for interior design / homeware?



  1. Audrey Hepburn is by far my favorite actress & I've seen almost all of her films - I love how you incorporated so many posters and pictures of her in your room!

    Kelsey |

    1. Thank you! So proud of my collection so far! x

  2. looks so cute and cozy! love the aubrey picture!

    1. Thank you! I really can't stop buying them x