Halloween Look 1 - Zombie Daphne

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope everyone has some great plans for tonight, whether it be a gathering with friends, a wild house party or simply watching the all-time classic Hocus Pocus. This Halloween makeup is from last night's uni house party and my costume was a Zombified Daphne from Mystery Inc. I really wanted to wear the Daphne costume yet I also wanted to attempt a scary look for a change. The dress and necktie were part of a set bought on Amazon, the headband is from Claire's and the makeup is listed below. Personally I wouldn't recommend the face paint I used as it was from a discount store but I was trying to be thrifty! My advice now is to spend a little more on high quality face paint and that's exactly what I've done in preparation for tonight's Vampire look which will be written up as a post very soon! 

Collection Lipstick - Scorned
Lipliner - Rimmel Red Diva
Sponges - Boots
Purple Eyeliner - Barry M Shade 5
Cream Eyeshadow Pencil - Collection in Vanilla Sky 1
Black Eyeliner - Avon
Horror Face Paint - £1 shop

The House Party was great fun and there were some amazing costumes - among them Maleficent, a Zombie Nun, a Zombie Hipster, Sean Connery, a 'Lad' and Ron and Hermione!

What are your plans for Halloween?


  1. we don't have Halloween in Greece so it was just a typical Friday for me... I watched a couple of ppl episodes Nd then i went to sleep ��

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    1. Oh no! That's a shame, Halloween is on of my favourite times of year x