OOTN - A Two-Tone Floral Situation

Believe it or not, I managed to buy this stunning Topshop 'Photo Floral Print Bodycon Dress' at an equally stunning price. Admittedly, this dress was bought a few weeks ago (before I started rationing my student loan, cry) but it was definitely a purchase I do not regret! It was originally £36 but then discounted to £25 and then £22.50 with student discount - I'm still in shock. Additionally there are still a few sizes in stock online here. The dress is a lovely scuba material which is obviously quite figure-hugging but the interesting graphic print definitely takes centre stage here. It's the perfect date night cocktail dress, which is exactly what I used it as here! I've also had my hair cut and coloured recently, it doesn't look dramatically different but I can tell that it looks in a better condition. Doesn't every girl need a night out after a hair change?

Are you a fan of this look? 


  1. Oooh I absolutely love that dress, and the price is pretty good too! ;-)

    Rhiannon Talks - fashion blog

    1. Thank you! I can tell I'll be wearing it a lot :) x

  2. Topshop have the most incredible sales and general price reductions - what a gorgeous find! The print looks great on you :) Thanks for following my blog by the way, I've done the same and looking forward to more of your outfit posts!!