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If you follow me on Instagram, you might know that I was back in England the other weekend - for the first time since January! It's been so long since I stepped inside Boots that I was beginning to miss it almost as much as my friends. I didn't buy that many things while I was in there - my boyfriend looked incredibly bored - but I did manage to buy a few things from Soap and Glory which is definitely not available in Germany. I hadn't tried any makeup products from Soap and Glory before which is mad considering I'm quite a fan of their bodycare range.

I've been using the One Heck of a Blot primer - which isn't technically makeup - for just over a month and I'm loving it so far. It's a gel-like non-silicone formula that blends into the skin nicely and works well in creating a smooth base for your foundation and helping to extend its longevity. It's fairly mattifying but I think if you have quite oily skin this might not keep you shine-free for the whole day. If you're concerned about shine it's always best to invest in a matte powder and keep it on hand so you can top up when you need it. 

soap and glory, haul, beauty, lipsticks

The face product I bought more recently is the Kick Ass Concealer which includes a concealer, peach corrector and a blotting powder in the lid. I haven't tried Bobbi Brown's Creamy Concealer Set but there is some clear inspiration taken from this cult classic. The Kick Ass Concealer comes in a limited shade selection but the light colour works fairly well for me and is similar to Benefit's Boi-ing in texture. I like the corrector for tackling dark circles and blemishes but the powder is a little useless to me as I don't carry a powder brush in my handbag with me! Overall I'm impressed with it's texture and lasting power but I'm afraid it won't be replacing my all time favourite Benefit concealer as Boi-ing is a little thicker - 'heavy duty' - and more reliable for those bad skin days.

I didn't think I would get on with it but I've been really enjoying the Supercat eyeliner which is a black felt tip and quite easy to use. I can't say it's the blackest black in colour but what is lacked in pigmentation is made up for in lasting power. I've worn it on 8 hour long work days and had zero smudges nor impatience to take it all off. I find some liquid eyeliners can be uncomfortable to wear after a while but this one is practically unnoticeable.  

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Finally I picked up two of the new Soap and Glory lipsticks in 5th Avenue Nude and Pink Up, Girl. The nude shade is a creamy matte formula which has a hint of brown but nothing along the lines of Velvet Teddy. You really need to wear a lip liner with these lipsticks and the perfect choice is Rimmel's Eastend Snob. Somehow it looks amazing with every lipstick it's paired with and I think it will be a permanent fixture in my makeup bag! Pink up Girl is a Satin finish which I would describe as a vintage pink that's flattering on any skin tone, hair colour and eye colour. These products smell amazing, like cupcakes, and although they're a bit pricey at £9 for a drugstore lipstick, they're the closest quality I've found to MAC lipsticks which we all know and love. 

Soap and Glory Makeup is currently Buy One Get One Half Price at Boots (not sponsored) so make sure you drop by the counter while the promotion's still on.

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