My Skincare Tips and Holy Grail Products

I'm far from a skincare expert but I love trying out new skincare products to see if they actually work and meet all their amazing claims. If they meet my standards I'll integrate them into my Skincare Routine which is always changing depending on various factors such as weather and skin concerns. Today's post is about my skincare saviours and a few handy tips and changes that can make a huge difference in improving your skin. Some of them are quite obvious but you'd be surprised how many people I know that still make this skincare mistakes! If you suffer from acne, this post probably won't provide a 'quick-fix' but hopefully a few of these tips and products might help in tandem with stronger acne treatments.

1. Clean your makeup brushes

I'm guilty of this too but you should really wash your makeup brushes at least once a week or as often as you can for foundation brushes. There's so much bacteria that collects there and is simply being reapplied every time you use them. I like to use baby shampoo to wash my makeup brushes as it's a cheap way to keep your makeup brushes soft and clean. 

2. Search for products according to your skin type

There are usually four ranges of skincare to pick from when you're in the drugstore - Dry, Oily, Combination and Sensitive. Pick products with good ingredients such as salicylic acid and stay away from those that promote wildly unrealistic spot-fighting claims as the ingredients can often be a little too harsh. The three main steps to any skincare routine should be Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise. My favourite cleanser at the moment is the Origins Frothy Face Wash which is suitable for dry and oily skin types. For my moisturizer, I love anything by Clarins. I'll be posting a review of the HydraQuench range later this week! 

3. Use a salyclic acid spot treatment

I swear by the Origins Super Spot Remover and you can find similar salyclic acid spot treatments in Boots. This ingredient helps to fight nasty spots and bumps even when they're still under the surface but you have to make sure you don't touch it too much as that just spreads the infection. 

4. Use a scrub to exfoliate and a mask to purify

Facial exfoliators and clay masks work wonders when you can find the time to use them. It can be a hassle, I know, but I think the benefits outweigh the effort. These types of products supplement your skincare routine by preventing as well as tackling blemishes. The three masks I use on a regular basis is Origins Charcoal Mask for a deep skincare overhaul, Out of Trouble Mask for specific spot problems and Drink Up Intensive for a hydration boost. For a full in-depth review check out my post The Art of Multi-Masking with Origins

5. Invest in a facial oil 

Facial oils aren't for everyone but I think the common misconception is that facial oils are just for those with dry skin. In reality, facial oils also work for oiler complexions because they minimise oil production because it tricks the face into thinking it doesn't need to produce any more oil. My favourite is the Clarins Lotus Oil

A few Clarins mini's I've collected recently
6. Wash your makeup off after a night out

Skincare might be the last thing you want to do when you get home from a night out but you should always remember to at the very least take off your makeup before you go to bed. A few swipes of facial toner only takes a few seconds and it gives your skin time to breathe overnight.

7. Improve your eating habits and lifestyle 

This is definitely easier to do now the weather is warming up. Cutting out junk food and replacing it with good fats such as avocado and sweet potato can only do good things for your complexion. Certain vegetables such as sweet potato contain Vitamin A which is actually where the pricey skincare ingredient Retinol is derived from. 

8. Switch to a lighter foundation 

Again, summer weather helps with this tip but switching to a lighter coverage foundation stops your skin from being trapped under makeup and there are often other skincare benefits such as higher SPF formulas. At the moment I'm loving the Bourjois City Radiance foundation which is SPF 30. 

9. Try not to touch your face all the time 

This can be one of the worst habits but some people always find themselves touching their face absentmindedly when they're thinking or bored. It's a perfect way to spread bacteria to your face so try and make an effort to keep your hands off!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Everyone suffers from bad skin every now and again so I think it's good to share tips. Unfortunately there's no way to prevent hormonal breakouts but if you look to treatments such as the Orgins one you can minimise the impact.

Do you have any skincare tips?


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