Ciate Favourites - Spring Nail Inspiration

Before I bought my Ciate Christmas Advent Calendar last year, Ciate wasn't really a brand that was on my radar. I'd heard a few bloggers mention it here and there but I don't think it's been getting the attention it deserves. Now I've tried out twenty four of their products, I can happily pick out a few to make up the newest post of my seasonal 'nail inspiration' series. The quality of the Ciate polishes is incredible - a one or two coat job, fast drying time and minimal touch ups. What more do you need?

Cutie Pie is a pale pink nude shade that would be ideal for school or the office. It's minimalist but just enough colour to be subtly noticeable. 

Raspberry Collins is a beautiful bright fuschia pink and as the name might suggest, it's not for the faint hearted! It's a funky colour to add vibrancy to any outfit. It screams 'It's friday night, take me out'.

A slick of Double Bubblegum is one way to add a fun twist to monochrome or other pastel hues. It requires a little more wardrobe thought than the other tones - red for example might not be a good match - but it is definitely a classic spring shade that will score you trend points. It also reminds me of OPI's You're Such a Buda-pest from the Euro Centrale Collection which I featured in last year's Spring Nail Inspiration post. 

Birthday Blue is a stunning metallic navy colour that is quite unusual but very pretty. I can imagine this looking great with an LBD and red lipstick.

Finally, my most worn shade over Christmas which will continue to be a favourite in spring, Shady Lady is the most perfect almost-aluminium tone that needs only one coat and two minutes to dry, leaving you with a red-carpet metallic manicure. 

I also wanted to feature the Ciate Bloom Boost Nail Illuminator in this post because it's a way to enhance your natural nail colour without having to use colour. Not everyone is a fan of bright nail colours so this caters for everyone. I personally like to use this as a top coat but if you fancy a week off nail varnish, I'd recommend using this or OPI's Nail Envy to improve the condition of your nails.

Are you a Ciate fan?


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