Benefit Top Ten

If you asked me to name a brand that manages to stay continually relevant in the beauty world, I would say - without hesitation - Benefit. With its quirky product names and all-round fun feeling, they're a brand that has kept makeup exciting and has followed all the right trends. The packaging plays a huge part in this, making us want to collect everything - like a child in a sweet shop. It's rather addictive and I'm not the first person to say that. Although I haven't tried every product in the range, today's post is about ten things I've loved and would be happy to repurchase...

Gimme Brow 
Purchased recently with my Boots Advantage Card points, Gimme Brow is a product I thought would be overrated but I can confirm the hype is real. I don't know how it does it but the formula and brush work in harmony to create buildable brows that can look either subtle and groomed or big and bold. 

They're Real & RollerLash
Most people will be either a 'They're Real' girl or a 'RollerLash' girl. I quite like both as they have different functions. They're Real is great for voluminous dramatic wow lashes, whereas RollerLash is better for curling them to create a more doe-eyed look. 

This is one of the best concealers I have tried and I'm already on my second pot! Boi-ing is creamy in consistency but sits nicely on the skin over any blemishes or imperfections. It'll hide anything and staying true to its 'industrial strength' description, it's not going anywhere. 

High Beam
I'm only using a baby sample at the moment but High Beam is great as an under-eye highlight and works perfectly with the other Benefit blushes to create an ethereal complexion. I'm working on a highlighting / strobing post at the moment and this little baby might just get a mention.

Sugarbomb & Rockateur
Again, these are mini sizes of the famous Benefit blushes but they're perfect for someone like me who doesn't use blusher on a daily basis. There are certain days, however, when I fancy a little rose gold or peach on my cheeks and these two fit the bill perfectly.

After owning it for a few months, I'm just getting back into using Hoola again. It's a beautiful matte bronzer that's fab for contouring or adding a hint of warmth to the face without looking like an oopa-loompa. 

When you're feeling like it's a liquid bronzer kinda day, Sunbeam is there for you. Lisa Potter-Dixon, the UK Benefit Ambassador, suggests using sunbeam under your foundation but I personally prefer adding a little on my cheekbones as a final touch. It's up to you!

Ooh La Lift
I wouldn't say Ooh La Lift is my favourite of the ten but it's certainly got it's place in the leagues. It's a cool raspberry toned under eye brightener and is great to put on before your base as a prep product. 

Some of the mini products shown above are as part of the 'Frisky Six' collection and so I'd definitely recommend checking that out next time you're at the airport. As for products on my wish list, I've definitely been eyeing up Watt's UpStay Don't Stray and Lemon-Aid.

What's in your Benefit top ten?


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