Walking the Corrie Cobbles

After months and months of umming and ahhing, we finally decided to go on the highly-anticipated tour of the Coronation Street set in Manchester. It opened in April 2015 and will sadly be closing this October due to the land being sold off and the set demolished. The new set has already been up and running for over a year now but the old set still has the same magic and all of the old memories.The upcoming closure gave us a much-needed kick to go as Manchester is only a half an hour drive away and Coronation Street is one of our favourite shows that we thoroughly commit to watching. In addition to this, it's the longest running soap in the world and we were excited to explore how the show is made. Unfortunately the tour does not permit photos to be taken inside the studios, only outside on the actual street, but I'll include some from the official website.


Website Photos

 A few fun facts I can remember from the set of the Kabin - the sweets are all real, just very old and very gross. Also the magazines were designed by the crew - you can't use existing magazines that might feature Michelle Keegan on them! Thirdly, the cigarettes aren't real.. but they used to be. The cast would pinch them!

The Rovers doesn't serve real alchohol - the beer is shandy, the vodka is water and the wine is juice! Can't have the cast being drunk at work..

The Platt's! If you remember in 2008 when David pushed Gail down the stairs, it's also quite funny to note the lack of an upstairs in the set. Production had to bring in an extension set just to get that angle. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post! If you do get the chance to go to the Coronation Street set, I would highly recommend it as it's a fun day out and truly nostalgic. Plus, who doesn't want to have their photo taken behind the bar at The Rover's Return? It's a must.

Are you a Corrie fan?


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