New Favourite Store: TIGER


Since arriving in Germany last month, it really has been touch-and-go. One minute I'm panicking about submitting an important uni document, the next minute I'm looking for a boredom quick-fix. My answer to both stress-relief and boredom-avoidance has always been shopping and this leads nicely onto the title of this post. My favourite shop in my university town is Tiger - a homeware-hoarder's paradise. I'll find myself walking into the shop every time I'm in the area (most days) and although I don't buy something every time, I've collected a pretty substantial haul here. The photo below is a few of my favourite purchases that are cute, useful and affordable. Unfortunately I haven't kept my receipts so I can't tell you exact prices of everything but they all range from 1-4 Euro.    

1. Fruit themed tea towels - because why not make the monotonous task of washing up fun?

2. Cosmetic Organiser - this now hosts my nail varnishes, they have never looked so professional.

3. Strawberry shopper bags - these have been a lifesaver after I spent so many of my pennies on plastic bags my first week here. They're so small you'll never find yourself shamefully asking for plastic bags again.

4. Laundry basket - although I can confirm this does not come with a free octopus, the design of this lightweight basket is fab.

5. Coloured fine liners - after spending ages looking at fancy pens in Karstadt, these beauties are a steal at only 1 Euro.

6. Pink mirror - the most amazing purchase so far, 2 Euro for a high quality mirror is crazy.

7. Measuring cup - it's difficult to see in the photo but this glass has lines according to volume, rice portion sizes and the weight of sugar. Who needs a scale?

I hope you enjoyed this mini haul, are you a Tiger addict like me?


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