Easy Halloween Costume: Dead Barbie

It's Halloween season and yet again I'm the laziest person ever when it comes to costume preparation! Whilst some people spend weeks browsing Amazon and their local fancy dress shops, I always struggle to find costumes that really suit me. This year I came up with my own idea and after 'Zombie Daphne' last year, I present to you 'Dead Barbie'. My Halloween celebrations won't be until tomorrow night but I decided to play around with my makeup to practice and experiment before the real thing. I found a few tutorials on Youtube to create this look and it turns out it's the easiest creation ever; you'll be looking plastic in no time. All you need is a candy-pink lipstick for the lips and the neck wound, a black eyeliner to create a 'head stitched back on' effect, and a 90s-looking T-Shirt. I was lucky enough to find a Barbie-logo top in H&M but I don't think it's essential. To up the Barbie-ness you need to inject pink into your look wherever possible, which is why I shall be painting my nails pink tonight.

I hope this was helpful if you're stuck for costume ideas, it makes a change from a witch or a zombie. Have a spooky Halloween whatever your plans are!


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