June Favourites - Benefit, OPI & Loreal

It's Beauty Favourites time here at The Modern Audrey and since finishing exams I've had more time to experiment with new products - everything from nails to haircare to skincare. Whilst I'm pretty crazy about skincare at the moment, I'm saving my recommendations and thoughts for a separate post so watch out for that coming soon! 

Stating the obvious, I had to have last month's Tatler which is a gorgeous Audrey-themed issue with unseen photos to promote the exhibition at London's National Portrait Gallery. Moving onto haircare, I've been secretly using my sister's new products - the Loreal Elvive Nutrigloss Luminiser shampoo and conditioner. They smell gorgeous and meet their promises of bounce, shine and radiance. It's not often that I rave about haircare products but I've been very impressed and will be purchasing a set for myself. 

If you're a fan of Ted Baker like myself, you'll love the Pink body souffle from the new bath and body collection. I was lucky enough to be gifted this for my birthday by my lovely friend Freya and I can't get enough of it. The scent is fruity and feminine, a combination of mandarin, mango, neroli and jasmine. I personally have been using it on an evening to sink in whilst I sleep, the scent is soothing and the moisturizing properties are fantastic. Love. 

As you all know by now, I'm quite fond of OPI and have been particularly enjoying the Avoplex cuticle oil - which is working wonders on my ragged nail beds -  and the fuschia shade 'The Berry thought of you'. Bright nail shades = summer is here!

Finally my two makeup favourites for June are the Revlon lipbutter in Raspberry and Benefit's Roller Lash. Remember the crazy media hype surrounding the lip butters? Well I'm rekindling my love for them as I have at least three that I'd forgotten about, oops. Even my mum complimented my new bright lip colour; it's about time I cheated on Mac's Creme Cup. The Roller Lash mascara from Benefit has been on my birthday wishlist since Elle magazine gave away a free sample with the Keira Knightley issue and it lives up to all its claims. Although it's definitely a hassle to remove, the Roller Lash gives perfectly defined, curled lashes and the packaging is quite simply beautiful - who doesn't love a bit of Rose Gold? 

What are your June Favourites? Link your post in a comment and I'll check it out


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