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For those of you in the UK lucky enough to be going to University for the first time in September, it may seem like a huge step to finally move out of the family home and become independent. And it is - a step bigger for some than others. But one thing that gets Freshers the most frazzled is the thought of those first few days settling into a new 'home' and making new friends. This was me one year ago. And this blog post is all about a few pieces of advice I would give to a 2014 Fresher, or myself circa. 2013.

-Pack your favourite alcoholic drink with you to use at pre-drinks (if you drink, obviously); even if you don't intend to drink or go out on the first night, it always helps to be prepared. If you hit it off with your hall mates, it's a great ice-breaker to hit the University SU together. Try not to spend your first night arranging your fab new room, like I did - with Audrey posters, of course.

-Get with the Fresher's Programme. Buy tickets in advance to the SU events as spontaneous nights out do often occur and tickets often sell out on the night.

-As much as it can be a lot to take in, try and use the communal areas of halls as much as possible, especially in the first few days. Chances are you'll find someone like-minded and have someone to walk to lectures with.

-You'll regret missing lectures later, but if you absolutely cannot leave halls in a fit state during Freshers Week, look for online lectures and pray that one of your fellow course mates is kind enough to lend you their notes. I personally was more of a determined spirit and was blessed with the beautiful gift of very few 9ams.

-Join a society. Whether it be salsa, swimming or spanish society, it's the best way to meet new people and try new things. Or simply to bond with your hall mates and have a laugh. I tried a few things but the most memorable experience was Fencing. A bit over-hyped, I think. Plus I was awful at it.

-You won't get on with everyone. It doesn't mean you're not incredibly fantastic and likeable, it's just life. But you will most definitely meet people that will form part of hilarious anecdotes and stories. Which will score you humour points in the future. 

Obviously every University experience is different and I would wholeheartedly say the best advice is to just completely immerse yourself in University life and enjoy it. And also not to leave referencing essays until the night before (I'll probably never break this terrible habit).

Hope this was helpful,


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